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Enzolytics IPF Immune™ THE LIQUID DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Enzolytics IPF Immune™ Enzolytics IPF Immune™

Enzolytics IPF Immune™

(Irreversible Pepsin Fraction) isolated from hydrolyzed pepsin

Enzolytics IPF Immune is beneficial for your health

  • Enzolytics IPF Immune is a nutritional dietary supplement supporting the immune system thus beneficial for your health
  • Product is used to promote health, supports normal immune function used to maintain healthy body
  • IPF Immune could be used as an immune supporter.
  • Product is natural and tested for safety
  • Enzolytics IPF Immune is registered under NDI # 1083, Patent # 8,309,072. The patent covers using an Irreversibly inactivated Pepsin fragment which has significant benefit as an immune supplement.

These issued patents cover the Enzolytics’ IPF Immune™ and exclusively licensed to Enzolytics. Supplemental patent applications are planned to cover improvements of IPF Immune.


About IPF

About Enzolytics Inc.  

Enzolytics Inc. (www.enzolytics.com), a Texas biotech company, has announced the product launch in the US of Enzolytics IPF Immune a nutritional dietary supplement that supports the immune system.

The COVID 19 pandemic has forced people to concentrate on their health, which has led to an increase in popularity of immune dietary supplements.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2020 survey showed that more than 70 % of Americans use dietary supplements. The initial data for 2021 survey indicates that number has jumped to 80%.

Sales for immunity supplements have skyrocketed during the pandemic as people search for any advantage to protect themselves from illnesses. The global immune health supplements market is projected to grow from $20.18 billion in 2021 to $31.50 billion in 2028.

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